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  1. Official unveiling of the steles
    21-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  2. Official unveiling of the steles
    19-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  3. Restauration works finished
    11-Dec-14 • Comments Off
  4. Completion of the restoration work
    10-Dec-14 • Comments Off
  5. OZ on commemoration in Weener
    24-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  6. Dagblad van het Noorden about the exhibition in Winschoten
    2-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  7. OZ about “students searching for traces”
    18-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  8. Ostfriesland Magazin about the project
    15-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  9. Gezinsblad on the successful exhibition in Assen
    8-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  10. OZ and Rheiderland Zeitung about the exhibition opening in Weener
    7-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  11. Dagblad van het Noorden about the exhibition opening in Assen
    18-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  12. 70 years ago
    14-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  13. Exhibition opening in Groningen
    13-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  14. GA reports about the exhibition in Leer
    18-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  15. OZ about the exhibition opening
    14-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  16. Ostfriesischer Kurier about the exhibition opening in Leer
    7-Jul-14 • Comments Off
  17. Ambassador finds out about the project
    7-May-14 • Comments Off
  18. Nieuw Israëlitisch Weekblad about the project
    6-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  19. Albrecht Weinberg at Gymnasium Rhauderfehn
    6-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  20. Restoration work: target reached for 2013
    13-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  21. Coverage in the OZ
    29-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  22. Er werden handen geschud …
    5-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  23. Official release of the project website
    3-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  24. The Dagblad van het Noorden and Streekblad report on the website
    3-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  25. Weener Memorial gets off the ground
    15-May-13 • Comments Off
  26. GRENZENLOS magazine reports
    13-May-13 • Comments Off
  27. Gedenktag in Westerbork
    4-May-13 • Comments Off
  28. Zeitungsbeiträge zum TV-Interview
    25-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  29. Besuch von Micha Schliesser
    25-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  30. Beteiligte im Interview
    24-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  31. Optimales Wetter für Außenarbeiten
    24-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  32. RTV Noord über die Restaurierungsarbeiten
    6-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  33. Bahnschwellen in neuem Glanz
    1-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  34. Besichtigung Stadtarchiv
    6-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  35. Schnee – wohin man blickt
    23-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  36. Weihnachtsfeier 2012
    20-Dec-12 • Comments Off
  37. Die ersten Steine
    26-Nov-12 • Comments Off
  38. Der Herbst und das Zelt
    26-Oct-12 • Comments Off
  39. Herbstätigkeiten
    17-Oct-12 • Comments Off

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