Contemporary witnesses

Survivors tell their stories…

Numerous conversations in prior to the project and the associated historical backgrounds initiated research for survivors of the former transit camp Westerbork as well as for eye-witnesses of the past events. Given the public generational change and the resulting declining memory of the events at that time, it is more important to capture the experiences and stories of the last witnesses for future generations. ”On the way of Anne Frank” seeks to document personal and exceedingly emotional accounts as they happened from the point of view of the persons concerned.

Gerrit van Dijk
Franz Marheineke
Mattheus Sebens
Henk Strating
Piet Visscher
Heinrich Akkermann
Lukas Rutgers
Jakob Klooster
Melchior Evers
Suzanna Johanna Wessels-Winnink
Hillechien Wildeveld-Tuizinga
Reint Straat
Bernhard Daenekas
Mathijs Johannus Martinus Bogaerts
Adele Schlenkermann-Swart
Jan Goemann

PDFDeported from Westerbork to Theresienstadt as a child: the fate of Peter Arad (german)

Tour and interviews with contemporary witnesses in Kamp Westerbork on 17.05.2014

Accompanied by the parish of Möhlenwarf and the pastor Zager pupils of the Teletta-Groß-Gymnasium in Leer (Ostfriesland) were allowed to ask the church members about their memories of the deportation trains after a German-speaking tour through Kamp Westerbork.

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