Gerrit van Dijk

Gerrit van Dijk

Gerrit van DijkGerrit Dijk (1925) lived in May 1940, when the Netherlands were invaded by Germany, in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden. In 1943 he graduated at the HBS. He decided eventually to attend the Dutch railway-school in Utrecht. The curriculum consisted of lessons in theory and in traineeships, also at the railway station of Assen.  Here he witnessed, in 1944, a transport coming from the transit-camp Westerbork. 
During the railway-strike in the autumn of 1944 Gerrit went into hiding. He was betrayed and sent off to the Schwarzer Weg camp in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.  He managed to get away and to return to Holland by foot. The resistance than helped him to find a new hiding place.




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