Searching for traces along the tracks

Searching for traces along the tracks

Based on the partial project “contemporary witnesses interviews”  the rural disrict Leer launched a press call in 2013 to find surviving witnesses in the region who witnessed the deportation trains during the Second World War in their youth or childhood. The response was very good. Thus, more interview partners were available.

In cooperation with the rural district Leer together with the teacher, Mrs. Claudia Lax and young people from the working group and the seminar of the Teletta-Groß-Gymnasium a documentary about the life and suffering of many Jewish citizens was build. The intensive search and retrieval of pupils according to historical data and facts this impressive work was created. Among other things, reports and sometimes painful personal experiences of still living and mostly over 80 years old witnesses, who were eyewitnesses to the deportation trains through the rural district Leer, are summarized in the documentation. The booklet “Searching for traces along the tracks” was written in German language and has 36 pages of content.


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