Traveling exhibition
“On the way of Anne Frank – Contemporary witnesses along the tracks”


In accordance with the project, to recondition the story of the deportation from Kamp Westerbork to concentration and death camps during the Second World War, the visual tours reminded and educated – trans-border … in Germany and the Netherlands.

Both historical and contemporary photographs and three-dimensional objects thereby exerted their effect and offered the viewer an emotional basis for own thoughts.

Exhibition plan



13 July 2014 (exhibition opening), 14 July to 03 August 2014 in Leer
→ Review (ca. 500 visitors)

10 September to 27 September 2014 in Assen
→ Review (ca. 500 visitors)

01 October to 15 October 2014 in Weener
→ Review (ca. 422 visitors)

18 October to 01 November 2014 in Winschoten
→ Review (ca. 900 visitors)

09 November 2014 to 05 January 2015 in Hooghalen
→ Review

07 February to 05 April 2015 in Zuidbroek

Het Noord-Nederlands Trein & Tram Museum- NL 9636 BA Zuidbroek, Stationsstraat 5

11 April to 31 May 2015 in Emmen

Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, De Fabriek – NL 7812 BG Emmen, Ermerweg 88b

Invitation to the exhibition


Doris Ricci auf der Ausstellungseröffnung in Leer am 13.07.2014

Also the artworks by Doris Ricci (foto), a citizen employee who was involved in the restoration of the 102,000 stones, were on display at the exhibition.

Franz Marheineke

Opening speech (→PDF) at the traveling exhibition “On the way of Anne Frank – Contemporary witnesses along the tracks” in Leer and Weener by Franz Marheineke (→ contemporary witnesses interview).

Video post by RTV LOGO about the exhibition in Winschoten.

“Het internationale project ‘Op de weg van Anne Frank’ heeft als doel gezamenlijk een actieve omgang met de geschiedenis van de deportatie van de Joden tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog te bevorderen en deze onder de aandacht van een breed publiek te brengen.”

posted on 25-10-2014 (→RTV LOGO)

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The project "On the way of Anne Frank" is finished.
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