Melchior Evers

Melchior Evers

Melchior EversMelchior Evers (1927) lived during the May Days 1940 together with his family in Nieuweschans. When he saw the trains for the first time, he was a pupil. At the beginning, Melchior Evers did not know that the trains were transports of Jews from the transit camp Kamp Westerbork. Not until later he realized this. In Nieuweschans the trains stopped. The convoying SS soldiers then positioned in front of the doors of the cattle cars, opened them and the people from the trains were allowed to relieve themselves. Nevertheless, Melchior Evers had no contact with the deportees, as they were strictly screened. The only thing they left behind were the postcards the eldest brother of Melchior gathered up and then threw in the mail.




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