Suzanna Wessels-Winnink

Suzanna Johanna Wessels-Winnink

Suzanna Wessels-WinninkSusanna Wessels-Winnink was born in 1928 in Assen and grew up there. Her father came from Amsterdam and was of Jewish religion. Her parents had a so called mixed marriage but the family did not know that he was a Jew. This fact only became revealed when the father of Suzanna Wessels-Winnink was arrested and deported to Camp Westerbork. At this time, the Jews were transported still in normal passenger coaches and people in the trains were still waving. Not until later freight wagons were used from which people tried to throw letters from the hatches. Suzanna and her friends, who have seen many of the transports from Westerbork, collected one of these letters and took them to the Rolderstraat, which used to be called Jodenbreestraat and where many Jewish businessmen lived in.




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