The project “On the way of Anne Frank” is the consistent continuation of the partnership of the rural district Leer with the Working Group School on the one hand and the Dutch municipality Oldampt with the Herinnerungscentrum Kamp Westerbork on the other hand. Overall, the project comprised five parts, which were realized within the three-year term until the 30 April 2015.
Restoration of the "102.000 stones"
On the area of the former transit camp in Westerbork German and Dutch formerly long-term unemployed people restored the monument "De 102.000 steenen".
Contemporary witnesses questioning
Contemporary witnesses who saw the deportation of the people from the camp Westerbork in the direction of the concentration camps, tell on camera about the events of bygone days and their related personal story.
The traveling exhibition „On the way of Anne Frank - contemporary witnesses along the tracks“ in Germany and the Netherlands.
Railway markings
Installations along the former railway line from Westerbork towards the concentration camps shall commemorate publicly the historic events. On German and Dutch side memorials along the tracks have been installed.



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The project "On the way of Anne Frank" is finished.
This website documents the project work and presents the results to the public.